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Rimfire 17
Rimfire 17
Rimfire 17
Rimfire 17
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Rimfire 17
Rimfire 17
Rimfire 17
Rimfire 17

Rimfire 17

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  • If you are out for any camping, hunting or backpacking around the world it's always smart to carry a few lighters or matches with you. 
  • There are many issues when it is hard to light your matches or lighter under windy or bad weather.
  • That's where our Permanent Match Lighter comes in to save the day. It has come up with new design which you can light the fire anywhere you want in any condition 


  • Stainless steel and tough metal body.
  • This match is very waterproof which you can use in wet or cold.
  • Good for at least 15,000+ strikes. premium quality magnesium core striker. 
  • It is mini shape and is low weight which you can carry everywhere.
  • Simply to operate with High Quality. 
  • The weight of the match is 60 gm and the size is approximately 1.4 x 1.7 x 6.5 cm 
  • You can use this lighter for campfires, stoves, paper, gas barbecues, dry grass etc. 
  • Applicable at anywhere, anytime and any condition.



 How To Use Bullet Raja  ?And How To Fill Fluid ?Click Here To 

1) Unscrew the stick 

2) once scratch  the skin of the black flint off until it’s glossy as steel 

4) Inject some lighter fluid(petrol) in the canister with 12/15 volume (we can't ship lighter fluid Petrol )

5) once it is used put into the canister

6) Scratch the stick against the flint and it will be ignited. 

No petrol Inside Due To Transport Security  Reasons